Mastering the sport of golf in detail

Since the reopening of these golf clubs, the regulations on hygiene protection have not changed. The respect of the barrier gestures and the measure of social distancing and not to gather to the crowd.

On-site regulations

In general, regardless of the level of the golfer, he/she must subscribe to the club, which is always the case, but with a reservation card a week in advance. Although the practices are free, the player must equip himself and wear a protective mask. With your help, the golf courses can control the flow of players into the club. General health safety guidelines must be followed: golfers should not come to play if they have a fever, cough, signs of nasopharynx, etc. For equipment, it is forbidden to bring a golf bag. The clubrooms must remain closed, and golfers will be asked to change their shoes outside. And the use of the golf cart is prohibited unless an exception is made.

Basic rules for starting golf

Golf can be played from the age of 2, and is played on a well-defined course with a club and a ball. The goal of the game is to drive the ball into a hole dug in the course by hitting it with the club. The course is composed of 6, 9 and up to 18 holes. Each hole is marked by a tee box and this is where the player will hit the ball. The player will continue to hit the ball as many times as necessary until it enters the target hole. The player then moves from hole to hole following the order of the course. The winner of a round of golf is the player who finished the course in the fewest number of strokes.

For the course of a game

A game can consist of 3 to 4 players of any age and gender. The first golfer hits the ball from one course to another, followed by his index finger or teammate, etc. Once the players are placed, the one furthest from the ball hits it again. Each player is provided with a card with grids where his or her scores are counted.

Note that the courses are designed with obstacles in order to lose the ball to penalize a team.